Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A girl named Helen

Sometimes as an orphan advocate you just see 'that child' that you feel compelled to do something about. Maybe it's a desperate case, maybe something reminds you of a child you know, maybe you just think the child is too stinkin' cute! Well, I had a moment like that today and decided that this is the one. The one that I am going to say something about and watch and pray for and urge anyone who will listen to adopt her! For me, it was the vesicoureteral reflux. My daughter had that when she was little, too. It's such a minor condition here in the states that it almost irks me that it would need to be mentioned. What if someone actually passed her by because of THAT. It would kill me. Kill.Me. Yeah, yeah, she has HIV, too, but I've already told you that HIV is a chronic, but manageable disease, so that doesn't count, either. She should have a family and pronto. The end.

Her name is Helen and here is her story:


Date of Birth: May 2010

Baby Helen is a charming, emotional and lively girl. Her first eleven months were spent in a glass cubicle in a hospital ward. Helen is calm and she patiently endured the the pain of isolation. She babbles when talked to and she smiles often. She is in a crib now and she stands while holding on to the bar. She will be walking soon, now that she is free of the glass box. This child must be saved. How much longer could she live in such a state? Helen is living with HIV. She also has vesicoureteral reflux. More photos are available.

Helen – 2

So. Where is her family?


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