Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Will Go?

Have you come to the point where you can say " I will go if you send me, Lord!"  ?  Here are a couple of videos that I've found to be thought-provoking and can help us examine where our hearts are on this subject:

Did You Know from on Vimeo.


Monday, May 16, 2011

CAFO Summit 7 - Did you miss it?

I missed it.  I tried so hard to get to the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VII in Louisville, KY last week - it was so close!  A mere 6 hours drive away from us.  But I didn't make it.  So I plan on drinking in every moment that will be re-capped tonight on the Mother the World Momcast Podcast at 8pm EST by the ProjectHOPEFUL team.  If you missed it, too, join us!  If you were there, join us! You may be able to chime in with some of your own thoughts from the Summit.  See you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Every Child. Period.

Pitting cause of orphans in the US against cause of orphans globally, as though it were either/or, is crazy. Mission is local & global. ~Dr. Russell Moore
 It can be SO easy to get dogmatic in the adoption world.  Dogmatic about what country has the greatest need, what special need everyone should be passionate about, whether everyone should adopt older kids or infants.  But the truth is that EVERY child needs a family.  No child is 'just fine' or 'better off' in the foster care system or in an orphanage.
I found this blog post this morning that I thought was a really helpful perspective and thought that you would benefit from it, too. 
Rethinking Adoption: Infant Adoption

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote for Project Hopeful June 11th!

Toyota USA is giving away 100 cars to charitable organizations over 100 days from May 9th to August 16th and Project Hopeful has been put on the finalist list for June 11th's giveaway!  They have put together the promotional video and just introduced it today.  Be sure to spread the word and vote on June 11th!!

If you join the facebook group and go to the 100 cars for good tab, you will be able to fill out the reminder form so you don't forget to vote.  Ready, Set, Go!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ATV Giveaway for orphans

There is an urgent need for funds for the family adopting Little Miss Addison and some friends took over their blog to introduce this amazing giveaway!  Make sure you read this: