Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The First Three Months

I am finally going to post my Day One to Day 90 pictures, BUT hear me out first!! 

I hesitate to even post pictures because this is not about weight loss! This is not a diet...I am losing weight as a side benefit to getting healthy! 

Some people using this program need to gain weight and they do!! Some people need to lose weight and they do!! Some are serious elite athletes looking for the energy, performance, and muscle building and they find that! But the real point is that our bodies are healthier. Once your body is detoxed, alkalized and craving only what it really needs, the body knows what it needs to do!

I began this journey because I knew this was going to be a really busy school year between bringing all 5 kids back to homeschool them, volunteering with Project HOPEFUL, working Brian's second job with him, trying to restart Antiquity Gamecrafters, being a tutor at Classical Conversations....you get the idea! I needed energy and a LOT of it! 

AND I needed to get rid of my Migraines which had become far more life-interrupting than my Ménière's disease was! My Ménière's episodes were pretty rare, although I still dealt with loud tinnitus  most days and poor equilibrium at night. My migraines were a much bigger problem. I 'managed' them....by filling myself with ibuprofen almost daily.

There were lots of other little things that never seemed like a big enough deal to see a doctor about but all converged to make me feel about 20 years older than I really am.

It wasn't just about being 'out of shape'...Last winter I was running three times a week, and living on a juicing diet when I did this:

Running a 5k with my brother

But all that running and all those power-veggies were not dealing with how toxic my cells were, how much inflammation I was dealing with, how little energy I had, nor how much I wanted to eat a bag of chips and drink a Pepsi.

But that is all changed now. I am a completely different person from the inside out and I never want to go back! 

This year is going to ROCK!!!

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