Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Examining Motives

This post is a brilliant treatment of all of the reasons for adopting, right ones, wrong ones, misguided and naive ones.  The further I dig into the contemporary adoption world, the more heartbroken I am for children and how serious the need is.  Adoption should certainly not be entered into lightly, naively, or for any 'trendy' reasons.  Every child who is ever adopted has trauma and grief as a part of their past; even the newest of newborns. 

Please take a few minutes to read this:


  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I appreciate this so much as an adoptive parent of 13 yrs and planning to adopt once again. It is NOT easy and you definitely do not come out of this feeling like a perfect hero. It is both so completely hard and absolutely worth it but you must go into it with both sleeves up and feeling strong enough and ready for a challenge!

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! And congratulations on passing your homestudy!!! :)

    I found this blog post this morning, too, that you might also like:

    Good stuff!