Monday, October 15, 2012

Which way is this plane flying?

You've probably had a few of them...those moments when you think "Oh yeah, weren't they adopting or something? I wonder what ever happened to that?"

Excellent question.

Well, what happened was a couple of things, but mainly this: we put it all on hold. We needed to step back and breathe for a little bit.  When we took the PRIDE classes last winter, we knew that foster care was the wrong direction for our family. It was such a relief to know there was a direction we were NOT to go, even though there were still so many directions we COULD go.

That same week we were made aware of a little guy in Burkina Faso who needed a family and thought that we might be it! But we pursued that route only to find that another family was also pursuing his adoption, and since BF really dislikes allowing families our size to adopt from there, the other family was much more likely to be given approval. No problem - another door closed just meant one more direction we were not to go!

But around the same time as this direction-change there were some big-time concerns going on right here at looked like a very strong possibility that the Mister was going to lose his job. Scrreeeeeeeeaach - halt! The children we have been considering have been special needs kiddos and no job means no insurance!  So we decided that it was time to take a break from the crazy adoption train and wait.

Well, surprisingly, I was able for awhile to really let it go, relax, and wait patiently.  Then the crisis passed and God preserved the job! But summer was.....well, summer. There was a lot going on, a lot of other big decisions and stuff going on in our little world.

By the end of summer, when a conversation was taking place in one of my FB groups about adoption and waiting kids, I typed "...still in a holding pattern and it's time to tell this plane which way to fly!"

Well, I had prayed just a day or two before that "Lord, I wish someone would just hand us a picture and say 'this one's yours, now go get him (or her)!' "  So you know what God did? After I typed that comment, a friend (not knowing what I'd prayed, of course) posted a picture in the group, tagged me and said "...GHANA! There's a little boy named Calvin... who needs a family!"

Since that day there have been lots of moments where God has made it so clear that THIS is the direction we need to go right now. My heart is officially four time zones ahead, staring at every picture we have of him and studying every precious little inch of his face. I did a crazy laugh-cry-hopenooneislooking thing when I got new pictures of him a couple weeks back.  I'm smitten ♥

So which way is this plane flying? Well, at the moment, all indicators say GHANA! Time to renew my passport!

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